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 HIV and Coverage of the
50th Interscience Conference on Antimicrobial Agents and Chemotherapy (ICAAC 2010)
HIV/AIDS Articles
HIV-HCV and HIV-HBV Coinfection Articles
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HIV/AIDS Articles
HIV Positive People May Need Triple Dose of Hepatitis A Vaccine
Bone Loss and Low Vitamin D Levels Are Common among People with HIV
Large Meta-analysis Shows HIV Positive Women Respond as Well as Men to Antiretroviral Therapy
Smoking Linked to Higher Risk of Non-AIDS Malignancies and Anal Cancer in Men with HIV
Experimental Drug LMV-601 Inhibits HPV Replication and Abnormal Cell Growth in Laboratory Study
Experimental Drug TMC207 Cuts Response Time for Multidrug-resistant Tuberculosis
Tesamorelin Growth Hormone-releasing Factor Reduces Visceral Fat in Diverse Patient Groups
Raltegravir Is Safe with No Dosage Changes Needed during Pregnancy
Rilpivirine Failure Linked to High Viral Load and Poor Adherence
Unboosted Atazanavir Maintains Long-term HIV Suppression
Maraviroc Failure with Co-receptor Switch Does Not Lead to HIV Disease Progression
Use of CCR5 Antagonist Does Not Explain Better CD4 Cell Recovery with Newer Antiretroviral Drugs
HIV Infection Linked to Increased Cardiovascular Risk Even in Long-term Non-progressors
ICAAC 2010, United States Conference on AIDS Taking Place this Week
Elvitegravir "Quad" Single-tablet Regimen Shows Continued HIV Suppression at 48 Weeks
New NRTI Festinavir Exhibits Good Anti-HIV Activity and Safety in Phase 1b/2a Study

HIV-HCV and HIV-HBV Coinfection Articles
Insulin Resistance Linked to Poor Hepatitis C Treatment Response in HIV/HCV Coinfected Patients
Does CD4 Cell Count Influence Liver Fibrosis in HIV/HCV Coinfected People?
Worse Fibrosis Predicts Death in HIV/HCV Coinfected Individuals, Interferon Therapy Lowers Risk
Heterosexual Sex Not a Major Risk Factor for Hepatitis C Virus Transmission
Torque Teno Viruses More Common among HIV/HCV Coinfected People, Linked to Greater Liver Inflammation and Fibrosis
End-of-Treatment Response to Interferon-based Therapy Reduces Liver Failure and Death in HIV/HCV Coinfected Patients
IL28B Gene Variation Associated with Lipid Levels in People with HIV/HCV Coinfection

Library of Slides and Posters
Safety and Pharmacokinetics of BMS-650032 Following Multiple Ascending Doses for 14 Days in Healthy Subjects
T ELEY and others. ICAAC 2010.
Switching from ABC/3TC + Efavirenz [EFV] to TDF/FTC/EFV [Atripla, ATR] Reduces Cholesterol in Hypercholesterolemic Subjects: 24-Week Final Results of a Randomised Study
G Moyle and others. ICAAC 2010.
The Single-Tablet Regimen Elvitegravir/Cobicistat/Emtricitabine/Tenofovir Disoproxil Fumarate (EVG/COBI/FTC/TDF; “QUAD”) Maintains a High Rate of Virologic Suppression, and Cobicistat (COBI) is an Effective Pharmacoenhancer Through 48 Weeks
R Elion and others. ICAAC 2010.













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