March 24 is World TB Day

Tuberculosis (TB) is the leading cause of death for people with HIV worldwide -- killing approximately 350,000 people in 2010 -- and the second leading cause for the population as a whole. Globally, an estimated 12 million people are living with latent TB. In the U.S., more than 10,500 new TB cases were reported in 2011, mostly in HIV negative people. Multidrug-resistant (MDR), extensively drug-resistant (XDR), and totally drug-resistant (TDR) TB are a growing concern.


WHO Releases Updated TB/HIV Guidance, Claims Nearly 1 Million Lives Saved

The World Health Organization (WHO) reported that more than 900,000 lives were saved over the past 6 years by increased screening and treatment of both HIV and tuberculosis (TB) around the world. Globally, TB is the leading cause of death for people with HIV. This month WHO released updated TB/HIV guidelines for national programs and stakeholders.alt

New Shorter Treatment for Latent TB Not Recommended for HIV+ People on ART

Expert panels that put together the Department of Health and Human Services antiretroviral therapy (ART) guidelines have advised that the shorter and simpler combination regimen for latent tuberculosis (TB) recently recommended by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) is not suitable for people being treated for HIV.


CROI 2012: Community-wide Isoniazid Prevention Did Not Improve TB Control in South African Mines

Giving a 6- to 9-month course of isoniazid preventive therapy (IPT) at a "community-wide level" -- to everyone working at randomly selected South African gold mines -- had no effect on tuberculosis (TB) incidence, TB prevalence, or all-cause mortality in the population, when compared to a cluster of gold mines randomized to standard TB program management, according to the Thibela TB study, the largest IPT intervention study ever to be conducted.alt

CDC Recommends Shorter and Simpler TB Treatment

A shorter, simplified regimen of directly-observed therapy (DOT) using isoniazid plus rifapentine once-weekly for 12 weeks prevents latent tuberculosis (TB) from progressing to active disease as well as the current standard 9 months of daily treatment with isoniazid alone.alt