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Black Men Who Have Sex with Men Have Higher HIV Rate despite Less Sexual Risk Behavior

Black men who have sex with men have a far higher rate of HIV infection than other racial/ethnic groups in Washington, DC, even though they have fewer male sex partners, have less unprotected anal sex, and use condoms more often, according to an analysis described in the October 2010 issue of AIDS Patient Care and STDs. The reasons for this disparity not fully understood, but another recent study suggests that negative community attitudes toward and secrecy about homosexuality may be a contributing factor.

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Latino HIV Patients Starting Antiretroviral Therapy Are Most Likely, and Blacks Are Least Likely, to Develop Lipodystrophy

Body shape changes and metabolic abnormalities -- collectively known as lipodystrophy syndrome -- is common in people with HIV, but it is not yet fully understood whether this is an effect of HIV infection itself, a side effect of antiretroviral therapy, or due to some combination of factors. It is also unclear whether race/ethnicity influences lipodystrophy among HIV positive patients, though it is recognized that metabolic disorders such as diabetes are more common among certain groups in the general HIV negative population.

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October 15 is National Latino AIDS Awareness Day -- CDC Study Looks at HIV/AIDS in U.S. Hispanic/Latino Population

Wednesday, October 15, is National Latino AIDS Awareness Day. This observance presents an opportunity to increase awareness of the disproportionate burden of HIV/AIDS within the Hispanic/Latino community.

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